When should I start toilet training my child?

 Almost all the kids in our daycare are getting to the age of potty training. Does that mean that they are ready to be potty trained? Not necessarily. Your child must be both physically and emotionally ready for potty training.

Most children are between 22 and 30 months of age when they are ready to be toilet trained, although every child is different. Toilet training can be a long and frustrating process if you insist on trying before your child is read.

Before children can be trained, they must be able to control their bowel and bladder muscles. If they are having bowel movements around the same time each day, not having bowel movements at night, and having a dry diaper after a nap or for at least 2 hours at a time, they may be ready.  have mastered other basic motor skills and talk before they can use the toilet by themselves.

Most children are physically ready, but not emotionally ready. Your child must want to use the toilet. if you expect any success. Forcing them will only delay potty training. If your child is in the "no" stage, you should wait before training until they are excited about it.

Your child's toilet training experience should be a positive one. If you find it a battle it is best to ease up or stop for a while. Although you may be ready for toilet training, your child may not be.

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Halloween Party!

Finally got the Halloween party photos up!

We had a great time eating goodies and posing for photos. : )

 We did face painting...

 And tattoos...

Yummy treats-thanks for everyone who brought stuff!

Sugared up!

How cute!
May news:
Happy may!
Summer is around the corner. We plan on being outside if weather permits so bring appropriate attire.

Some kids files need updating, so I will include info if I need anything.
To make things easier, I'm going back to cash only payment and I'll have receipts ready on Monday for records.

Field trip:
We are trying to do a morning field trip ( back by 12pm) after school gets out. I'll give more details later.

Preschool photos:
Doing photos early this year. Sometime in may.

In the fall:
If your child is going to preschool some where else in august, please let me know early!

Have a great month!

Halloween Party

We had lots of fun at the Halloween party on Friday!

We had yummy treats and everyone had lots of sugar. lol

The kids couldn't wait to get their buckets.

Here are our outdoor shots. Feel free to right click and save to your computer!